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DUI Defense

A DUI is a serious charge that will result in loss of your driver’s license, heavy fines, substance abuse treatment, and possibly jail time. Ron Johnson is a veteran DUI defense attorney who will use his skill, knowledge and ethics to achieve success on your behalf.

  • Veteran DUI defense attorney
  • Experienced with defending Refusal of a Breathalyzer Test
  • Conducts a careful investigation of your arrest
  • Checks for improperly-obtained evidence
  • Works with professional investigators to make sure there is a complete understanding of what happened

A drunk driving charge is a serious allegation that can negatively impact your driving privileges and your freedom. Ron is a former prosecutor, and this experience allows him to see both the strengths and weaknesses of your case. Ron also understands the time frames within which you must operate after a DUI arrest to avoid unnecessary complications. For example, you must request a formal hearing within 10 days of your arrest, or your driver’s license will be suspended without a hearing.

DUI Manslaughter Defense

Far more is at stake, however, if you have been accused of killing someone while driving under the influence of alcohol. This charge, known as DUI manslaughter, is a severe allegation. Under Florida law, DUI manslaughter is a second-degree felony, punishable by 15 years in prison. Additional penalties could apply if you are accused of leaving the scene of the accident. It is especially important that you have a defense attorney on your side who will protect your rights.

In addition to defending individuals against DUI manslaughter charges, Ron Johnson also defends clients against other drunk driving allegations. He can take on both the criminal case and the administrative hearing regarding your driving privileges. He will explore all technical defenses and other available defenses to help you achieve a just outcome in your case.

Drug Offenses, Prescription Drug Charges

Florida’s drug laws are among the most severe in the United States. Currently, the possession of relatively small amounts of illegal drugs, or certain prescription drugs without a valid prescription, can lead to mandatory minimum prison terms. Drug charges at the federal level are no less serious.

If you or someone you love has been charged with a drug crime, or is under investigation for a drug crime, you need effective legal counsel immediately.

Ron Johnson provides meticulous, results-oriented legal representation to people facing drug charges in state and federal courts across the area for a wide range of drug charges, including:

  • Simple possession or possession with intent to sell
  • Sale, distribution or trafficking
  • Cultivation or manufacturing
  • Importation
  • Drug conspiracy
  • Prescription fraud

Ron takes cases involving all types of controlled substances, from marijuana and cocaine to methamphetamine and heroin. He has significant experience defending individuals accused of possessing or trafficking in prescription drugs without a valid prescription. Illegal possession of OxyContin (also known as oxycodone), Vicodin, hydrocodone (Lortab), Ritalin and other substances can lead to significant penalties. Ron has extensive experience with smuggling and importation drug cases involving airplanes, boats, buses and automobiles.

In every case, when you hire Ron to defend you on a drug charge, you can count on him to fully investigate the facts and circumstances of your arrest. He will look at whether law enforcement officers had probable cause to conduct any search or seizure, and whether you were properly advised of your rights when taken into custody. Ron will also look at ways of challenging the credibility of any witnesses against you. He will attack the evidence on all fronts in order to give you the best chance of obtaining a positive result in your case.

Burglary, Theft, Property Crimes

Allegations of burglary, theft, interstate transportation of stolen property and other so-called property crimes can impact your life in countless ways. Aside from the potential of fines, probation and incarceration, property crimes carry a special stigma. If you have a conviction to a theft crime on your record, it may be extremely difficult to find work in many professions.  Therefore, you need an experienced and aggressive lawyer who will protect your constitutional rights throughout the legal process and hold the government to its burden of proof. You need an attorney who fully understands the applicable laws and procedures. You need a lawyer with a record of success in similar cases.  Ron will work diligently to defend you against all types of property crimes, including:

  • Burglary
  • Interstate transportation of stolen property
  • Grand and petty larceny
  • Shoplifting
  • Auto theft

Ron will carefully review and investigate your case from every perspective. He will go beyond the contents of the police report in order to fully understand the events that led to your charges. If there is reason to believe the government will not be able to prove some part of its case, he will act decisively to seek a dismissal of the charges. If the facts of your case do not present these opportunities, he will look for ways to reduce the charges. In some situations, restitution may be an option. Ron will look for every possible way to seek a favorable outcome to a difficult situation.

Murder, Assault, and Violent Crimes

Murder is the most serious criminal allegation a person can face. These types of allegations are likely to bring on substantial media attention. In certain situations, there could be significant public outcry surrounding your case. Prosecutors and law enforcement agents will go to great lengths to secure an “airtight case.” Depending on the facts of your case, prosecutors may seek the death penalty. In this situation, you need a lawyer with the experience and skill to combat these allegations and protect your rights. Ron Johnson provides aggressive, skilled representation to people accused of all types of violent crimes, including:

  • Assault and aggravated assault
  • Battery and aggravated battery
  • Murder
  • Manslaughter
  • Carjacking
  • Domestic violence

Depending on the charge and your past history, a violent crime conviction could lead to years or even decades in prison.

You may have a viable defense based on the facts of your case. 

Criminal defense lawyers can go their entire career without seeing a murder case. Obviously, if someone you love faces these grave allegations, it is crucial that the defense lawyer you select has extensive experience with these types of cases. He has defended individuals accused of homicide, including cases involving allegations of “murder for hire.” As a prosecutor, he prosecuted many murder cases. Most famously, he was involved in the investigation of notorious serial killer Ted Bundy and prosecuted him for the charges that he was arrested for in Pensacola, Florida. Ron prosecuted numerous death penalty cases as a prosecutor.

This experience offers tangible benefits to his clients. Ron thoroughly understands the procedural issues and affirmative defenses involved in these types of allegations. If there is reason to believe that the police violated your rights when gathering evidence against you, Ron will argue persuasively to the court that the illegally obtained evidence should be suppressed.

Florida has a “stand-your-ground” law. This means that if you are not engaged in an unlawful act, are attacked, and have reasonable fear of great bodily injury or death, you do not have to retreat and are entitled to use deadly force to subdue your attacker. In 2011, Ron defended a man who shot another man in self-defense. The charges were dismissed in part upon the “stand-your-ground” law.